Where did I go wrong?

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Where did I go wrong?

Afternoon Everyone,

     I'm hoping someone can help me.. I recently moved and don't have my outdoor garden setup so I thought I would try an AeroGarden setup this summer to hold me over. About two and a half weeks ago I started two cherry tomato pods, after about a week they germinated (yaay), however shortly after that the leaves slowly yellowed. I knew something was wrong but decided I would let it go for another couple days to make sure. By this time full leaves were yellowed, I opened up the top and it seemed like there was some brown alge spots on the water. I dumped the water cleaned it out and put new tap water in (Also added another 2 caps of nutrients to the water).

However today they are almost all brown, i'm positive they are goners. Anyone have an idea of what I can do differently if I try again?

I'm running the 17 hour lights and 24/7 on the pump.

It seems like our tap water here is hard so I'm wondering if I need to use distilled water.

Thanks so much!





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Hi, Kyle, welcome!

Hi, Kyle, welcome!

Two caps of nutrients sounds like too much. First aid: dump the reservoir and put in plain water. Leave the plants that way for a day or two. Then yeah, try distilled water. But also, whatever a tomato needs as an adult? It needs about a quarter of that as a seedling. Also need to shake the bottle well, of course.

Good luck!

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