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This section of the Lore book is for how-to-use-this-website topics.

Getting started: Try all the menu items across the top, then all the menu items down the top left side. The single most useful menu item is Recent Posts.

To start your own grow log, go to Grow Logsand click Add Child Page at the bottom, and title your new page "MyName's Grow Logs". That page will be your page-of-growlogs (a book section). Add another child page for each individual grow log you want (like a page for "My First Tomatoes" or "XXX Hydroponic Experiments").

You can add any page to a "Book", even after it's written. (Grow Logs is a Book.) So for instance, you could Blog about something, or create a Story, and then later add it to your Grow Log if desired, via the "Outline" link at the top of a page. Likewise, if a grow log page develops into a treatise on tomato-growing, you could add it to the Aerogarden Lore > Plants > Tomato page.

Email notifications:

Email notifications are called Subscriptions on this system. Please see that topic below on how to fine-tune or opt out of email notifications about activity on AerogardenMastery.

Don't see what you need help with?

At the moment, the help topics are developing on-demand. If there's a topic you'd like, please comment here, and I'll write it.

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