Want to be famous / Infamous - AeroGardener YouTube Video Contest

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Want to be famous / Infamous - AeroGardener YouTube Video Contest


AeroGardener YouTube Video Contest
We see every day just how devoted and enthusiastic AeroGardeners are. Whether you're writing us letters or posting videos or blogs on the internet, you are clearly passionate about your AeroGardens and love to spread the word. So, in honor of your passion, we are announcing our first ever video contest! Are you crazy about your AeroGarden? Do you love making videos? Then this is the contest for you. Our motto is “Grow anything, anytime, anywhere,” so show us how your AeroGarden can do just that.

Post your video on YouTube.com, fill out the required information below and agree to the Official Rules below.

Each month, our judges will select two winners from among the submitted entries under the categories of:
1. Most Creative
2. Most Creative/Feasible
Enter as often as you'd like, with as many videos as you'd like. Winners will be notified via email, and video links will be published in the next month's issue of The AeroGardener.

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Peat, Unfortunately, they are


Unfortunately, they are not offering anything except exposure for this whereas AG is giving away 100 AGs for Mothers Day - US only though...

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Boy, I can see some problems

Boy, I can see some problems with this one - grow anything?  You KNOW what some people will be videoing (not me!)