The Volcano Sob Story

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The Volcano Sob Story

I know. There are hundreds of thousands of stranded airline passengers around the world. And it's costing $billions.

And here I am amused.

My daughter's high school choir, you see, took a spring break trip to Italy. To sing at the Vatican. Yes, this is about a $5000 field trip... (And no, I can't really afford to live in this town.) These poor, poor (cough!) teens have been (gasp!) stuck in Italy! Past the end of spring vacation! They are missing school and extracurriculars! They are... pretty much hanging out at a lakeside villa costing their parents an extra $50/day surcharge on fine Italian dining, and heaven knows how much for the hotel.

Now me, at that age - I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven!

Anyway, now I keep getting email alerts of the school's efforts to Retrieve Our Stranded Students. The town's first selectman was contacted. Our Congresscritter. The US State Dept. The US Embassy in Italy. (You're picturing these poor, poor stranded kids having the time of their lives sightseeing, right? So am I.)

Apparently now the airlines have a lottery going, to determine who gets seats when on resuming flights. So the kids are coming home in piecemeal groups. Assuming the flights take off... But earlier today they feared Our Stranded Students might be vacationing, er, frightened and stranded in Italy another week or more.

Apparently there's another field trip from the nearby city of Waterbury - bunch of high school students now stranded in Poland.

I bet there are going to be a lot of fun stories out of this.


Oh - anybody heard any theories about what all this ash will do to the growing season weather this summer? (You see! I did tie this into growing! Sort of!)

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