Unusual things in aerogarden

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Unusual things in aerogarden

What is the most unusual thing that you succeeded to grow in a Aerogarden? (looking for ideas here!)

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Dunno about unusual, but I

Dunno about unusual, but I enjoy growing fairy tale eggplant - they grow well, easier and faster than even peppers. Big lavender flowers and gaudy fruit. The leaves look like a gray-green spiny hump.

I'm a big fan of toy choi - miniature pak choi. Take about 4-5 weeks from seed to harvest whole. I've tried a lot of weird greens. Komatsuna is also fun - a horseradishy Japanese mustard. "Success" is the sticking point. I harvested most of them, but didn't grow them again. Nevada summer crisp and little Caesar romaine and Korean red curl are my favorite lettuces.

Ornamentals: wizard mix coleus (slow and handsome), mimulus (quick!), vinca (slow but beautiful foliage), impatiens.

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