Ultra Grow Liquid Nutrients in my Orchid?

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Ultra Grow Liquid Nutrients in my Orchid?

Hey everyone,

I bought a beautiful orchid today at a fair and the guy said I could use any kinda food... rose, african violet... he just kept saying "food is food".... "chicken - grilled, fried, baked is still chicken. Food is food!"  LOL!

Ok but yea... um that didnt really help me understand the needs of my new baby.

Does anyone have any experience using liquid nutrients in Orchids? I imagine it might work at well but I'd love to hear from you!

Here are the nutes I have - http://www.aerogardenreviews.org/2010/01/aerogarden-liquid-replacement-n...

Bianca the cat is memorized by her beauty <3

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jessijordan (not verified)
 no worries G! I think my

 no worries G!

I think my hunches are right on. The orchid is growing in Peat moss or Sphagnum. Its definitely not in soil so I think the nutes I have will work. Im betting they will! 


Im going to give it a litte tomorrow and just see how it goes. It makes sense to me to go right to the blooming stage sense there are buds on it.  

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Sorry Jessi - never grown an

Sorry Jessi - never grown an orchid. Pretty! Good luck with it!

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jessijordan (not verified)
 No replies?   We will have

 No replies?  

We will have to experiment!