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Tomatoes are many vegetable gardeners' holy grail.

They're also a challenge to grow in an Aerogarden. A couple key points:

  1. Pruning - please read's article, Pruning for the Technically-Inclined.
  2. Pollinating - yeah, in theory, running your hand through the plant can work. Better, however, is to pollinate the flowers by gently rubbing the yellow center point with Q-tip or watercolor paint brush. Or buzz the back of the flower or the flower stalk with an electric toothbrush - the vibration moves the pollen.
  3. If you have the option to use one of the stronger-light Aerogarden models (Deluxe, Pro200, Aerogarden 6 Elite Plus), do it. Tomatoes seem to want more light and height than they can get in the other models.

The above amounts to Frequently Asked Questions.

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jessijordan (not verified)
I have the CFL lamps u

I have the CFL lamps u recommended right on top of 1 & a 26w 6500k day light one on top of the others on the 2nd shelf and they are still a bit leggy. I can't get the lights any closer to the plant. I guess more lamps r in order

I am gonna bury the stems today hoping that helps.

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Hi All,   I'm finding that

Hi All,

  I'm finding that tomatoes really enjoy supplemental lighting if you have room.  I have a CFL gooseneck lamp providing light to the middle of the plant.  Also - pruning IS important - even the determinant tomato I'm growing should have been pruned.  Live and learn....






jessijordan (not verified)
I found this very interest

I found this very interest forum entry where some did an experiment to see if they could get tomatoes faster from a cutting that from a plant planted from seed.


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