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take care of hydroponic-home-garden.com

 I would like to advise everybody that I ordered an AEROGARDEN REFILL SEED KIT from 

HYDROPONIC-HOME-GARDEN.COM and they took my payment but they never sent me any email confirmation that it was sent and I never received any package.   

I emailed them, they told me the package was probably stock at the border, but they are liar, they never sent anything!  They said they would refund me but they didn't and it's been almost 2 months since my order!  Now, I email them and they don't even answer any of my emails. 

So if you have to order anything, I strongly suggest you buy it from another company. 



Thank you!

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Yecch, Joichin. Sorry that

Yecch, Joichin. Sorry that happened to you, and thanks for the head's-up.

The sad part of that is that they can (and will) simply change their name and do it again. It's sometimes hard to make sure you're dealing with reputable people on the Internet. One of the reasons I like paying through Amazon and PayPal when I can. Gives me some leverage if the deal goes sour.

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