Square Foot Garden Bed

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Square Foot Garden Bed
Hi All,
  Here is my new square foot garden raised bed. This post will be a little long but amusing, so just scroll down if you don't want to read it.  First a little background.  When we moved into the brand new house in New Jersey back in 1994, I wanted to create my first garden.  I had two good books  - "The New Victory Garden" by Bob Thompson (which I still use today) and "Square Foot Gardening" by Mel Bartholomew.  I combined the two book ideas to create 4' by 8' raised beds in my new, wonderfully rich NJ soil.  Unfortunately, I was a little too enthusiastic and planted 16 tomato plants in one 4' by 8' raised bed supported by those lame 4' "tomato supports".  One big wind and  I had horizontal tomato plants.  I also managed to plant 6 zucchini plants in a 4' by 2' spot.  Needless to say it was a (productive) messy garden.  I abandoned the square foot garden idea when I moved to Maryland and continued to plant in conventional rows.  One big problem was that I couldn't just leave that big 4' by 8' bed unplanted in the spring.  I ended up seeding at least 32 lettuce plants at once.  Two people can't eat that much salad in a month! What a waste!  So, back to the square foot method that will discipline me to seed only 8 lettuce plants a week. Long story short - this half bed is seeded with 16 lettuce plants, 12 radish, 8 cabbage and 8 kohlrabi. It has rained every other day since planting so it is well watered right now.
P.S.  And if you hadn't heard my complaints before, I have an army of moles tunneling through the garden eating all the earthworms I've nurtured thru the years and voles which use the mole tunnels to eat any below ground vegetation.  This bed and four others so far have had the soil removed, hardware cloth laid down and soil replaced.  Many bad words have been uttered during this labor intensive process.
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That's great, Beth. May your

That's great, Beth. May your hardware cloth be vole- and mole-proof, and your teeth up to crunching your way through 16 lovely lettuces and the rest!

I've owned Square Foot Gardening  for I-don't-know-how-many-years. But - still haven't had a place to put a raised bed... Next home.

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