Small herb kits at Home Depot

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Small herb kits at Home Depot

I went in search for Stevia plant and Pineapple sage at 4 garden centers Thurs night without success.   Another 2 weeks or so and I guess it may be due to the fact that we still get some frost right now.

At Home Depot, I did find some Frisee (curly chicory) seeds and 2 small kits I intend to use for herb.  One is a small blue metal pail with 1 cocopeat and 100 basil seeds and the other is a gavinized metal window planter with 2 cocopeat and catgrass (will give the catgrass seeds away).  If nothing else, the kits are C$2 each and basil seeds would have cost me a few pennies.  These were made in China and I persume they would sell it in the US too.

Some inexpensive kits to grow some additional herbs that you can bring in after the season.


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