Sharing Photos 101

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If you've shared photos before via a Web photo service like PhotoBucket or Flickr or Picasa, feel free to continue doing what you're doing.

This topic is for people who haven't shared photos on the web before.

I recommend you use Google Picasa. Because I use Picasa (and like it a lot), and thus whatever this site does, it will tend to do best with Picasa.

  1. Download the free Google Picasa software and install it (windows or mac).
  2. Picasa finds all the photos on your computer and organizes them.
    • They aren't moved or anything - Picasa just discovers them wherever they are. If you load new pictures from your camera, Picasa finds those too.
  3. Use File | New Album to make an album for the pictures you want to share.
    • An album is simply a collection of pictures. You can sort them by topic (hydroponic fire peppers), or date (all my gardens, this week), or whatever.
  4. Drag pictures from other "folders" into the new album. Edit the pictures however you want - add captions, crop, adjust fill light, neutral fill color, etc.
  5. When they're ready, Upload your new album to Picasa.
    • The Upload button is at the bottom of the Picasa screen. Or, I right-click on the album, and select Upload to web albums... from the context menu.
    • Your first time, you may need to sign up for a free Google account if you don't have one already. For free, you get gigabytes of photo space - plenty.
    • Since you want to share your pictures, make them Public.
  6. When the upload is done, click the View Online button.

Cool. You have pictures, viewable by anyone on the web. There are several things you can do from here, in order of simplicity...

  1. Send an email to a friend.
    • Use your web browser's File | Send link to send an email link to your album.
  2. Post a link to your album here on AerogardenMastery. Like this one.
    • There's a Link to this album link on the right of your Picasa web album. When you click that, it shows you the URL of that album web page. This is the same as shown on the Location bar of your web browser. Copy either of them.
    •   Use the Insert / Edit Link tool on the AerogardenMastery text editor to create a link like this one. (I typed the words "this one", highlighted them, then clicked Insert / Edit Link. I pasted in the URL. On the menu's second tab, I told it to open links in window "_blank", so that it opened externally to what you're reading.)
  3. Post a link to a single picture. Like this one.
    • Same as posting a link to your album - you just click into one picture of your album first.
    • Note the first link went to the Picasa page for the picture. I could also link to the picture itself. To get that URL, in Firefox on Windows, I put my cursor on the picture, right click, and select Copy Image Location. Every browser has some way to do this...
  4. Post a single picture here.
    • Get the URL of your picture. Not the link to the Google Picasa page that shows your picture, but the URL of the picture itself. (In Firefox/Windows, put cursor on the picture, right click, and select Copy Image Location. Every browser has some way to do this...)
    • Use Insert / Edit Image instead of Insert / Edit Link.
    • Paste the URL of your picture in the first field - URL. Add a caption if you want.
    • Important:  do not post the picture full size directly into your text! Set the width or height field in the menu to 540. The menu will set the other dimension for you.
    • Click OK.

And we have other tricks. But that's for the advanced topics. 

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