Seed storage?

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Seed storage?

I have alot of seeds left over that I will probably want to plant later this year. Should I freeze them or just keep them in the back of my closet where they are now with my AG pods I havent used yet. I know AG says you can keep there seeds for up to 3 years. Some of my seeds packets say use by 11/09 & 12/09.

How should I store those?

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jessijordan (not verified)
Cool. I taped the packs to so
Cool. I taped the packs to so those suckers don't escape. They aren't in an air tight container but will be by 2nite
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Agreed with Peat on how to

Agreed with Peat on how to store. I also tape back up each packet before putting it in the airtight container.

All seeds have to be labelled with what year they were packaged for, and that's when they're freshest and get their closest to 100% germination. (Some seeds never get very close to 100% germination...)  But. Most seeds still get nearly as good germination for 4-5 years, if stored well. After that, the germination rate starts falling off precipitously.

Some seeds also don't keep as well. I read somewhere that pepper seed germination falls off after only 2 years, for instance.

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jessijordan (not verified)
Thanks Peat. I will do that
Thanks Peat. I will do that too.