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Poor man's truncheon

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I'm a big Woot.com fanatic and during the last woot-off I got two of these that just arrived today. Haven't had a chance to play with them but will let you know if they're worth anything, could be better than nothing but maybe not...


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I gave them to my hydro guys.

I gave them to my hydro guys. Aaron had a ball running around checking the ppm levels of their setups... sad, really sad. Would you believe they have no way to measure nutrients? The home office is going to kill this shop, not giving them any decent stock or resources. I honestly have no idea why it's there or how it's staying in business. In the hours I've spent there I've only seen three other customers and the biggest sale was about $20. I really feel sorry for them.

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Thanks, Bruce, but no thanks.

Thanks, Bruce, but no thanks. That is pretty impressive, but it's the higher EC's I'd like to be able to measure. The lettuce and herbs are getting along quite well these days, based on your/Peat's lettuce formula we worked out.

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This little thing is pretty

This little thing is pretty impressive! It registers from 0 - 999 PPM (ECx500) and has smiley and nasty faces in addition to numbers. Here's what I got with 4 different readings -

  • Tap water - EC 0.4 - ppm 200 - right on the money!
  • Herb garden - EC 1.6 - ppm 720 - 10% low
  • Tom garden - EC 1.8 - ppm 950 - 5% high
  • Chile garden - EC 2.0 - ppm HI - hard to tell since ec 2.0 = 1,000 ppm

In short, this little thing isn't bad up to an EC of 1.9 or so and might be more consistant with a constant temp. A nice bang for the buck.

Gisette, I'll send you the second one for $10 if you'd like.