pomagranate success

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pomagranate success

Pomegranate seeds germinate in the aerogarden, even with a little bit of mould.  They sprouted at the same intervil as the pom seeds in the baggie.  As far as i know, they have a moer fiberous root system, and if i remember right, you can bonsai pomegranate trees, so if you wanted to I think you may be able to leave it in semi long term. 

I myself am not doing this, they will be annual plants/and or experimentals, and one as a house plant. 

So far nothing from the palm seeds.  The banana and ginger seeds rotted...... But after seeing the poms sprout , i realize i shouldve left them.  Im still learning the fine art of seed cleaning.  When i do, im goign to be putting another round of lemon and lime seeds.

The lights them selves are allowing plants to grow all around it.  So im going to be using it as a mini grow system for some plant for spring, as im short on window space.  I have a mini parade rose growing underneeth the lights. 

Speaking of im going to be trying rose cuttings next time someone i know gets some.

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 Very cool! Nice to see some

 Very cool! Nice to see some exotic stuff being tried.







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I was going to do both

I was going to do both actualy.  Its winter, im bored so i have to do something other then shovel snow:P

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Very cool - congratulations

Very cool - congratulations on germinating the pomegranate seed, CanadianPlant!

My rootings have done pretty well in the AG, though I haven't tried roses. Lately I've been putting cuttings in rooting hormone; leave in plain water in a vase until first roots appear; then plug rooted cutting into AG pod sponge to grow. But probably started that just to save on growing capacity, and not all cuttings take root, so let them work that out before plugging into the AG, sort of thing.

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