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 This is an experimental app, to make it easier to create "lightboxes", those image click-thumbnail-to-spawn-viewing-box thingies we like to use.

Sample lightbox

  • Lightboxer only works with Google Picasa public photos.

Lightboxer automates fetching the thumbnail image + target image + caption from your web album, and configuring the info as a captioned lightbox.

To enable Picasa Lightboxer:

  1. Go to My Account | Edit tab.
  2. Scroll down to Block Configuration.
  3. Check Picasa Lightboxer.

After that, the Picasa Lightboxer widget appears on the left side of your screen when you create or edit a post. You can disable this feature the same way you turned it on.

To use Picasa Lightboxer:

  1. Open something to edit - add comment, new growlog page, etc. The Lightboxer appears when you're on an edit page.
  2. Tell Lightboxer how to find your pictures - your name on that service, how many pictures you want. And click the "Go Fetch" button. It populates the Images tab.
  3. Position cursor in text editor where you want a picture to go.
  4. Click a picture on the Lightboxer widget to insert it.
  5. Once inserted, you can align / edit your lightboxes as with any image (use paragraph alignment or Insert/Edit Image tools).

In principle, Lightboxer could be extended to support Webshots, Photobucket, Flickr, etc. And/or extended to build lightstrips, fetch by albums instead of most-recent. If you care, please say so.

Note:  Picasa Lightboxer is really not analogous to the Photobucket drag&drop. Both are trying to make your life easier, but they're doing it radically different ways. The Photobucket thing is actually a piece of Photobucket website sitting here as a visiting entity - I have no control over it. Picasa Lightboxer is my own program. I do have control over it, but not necessarily the ability to code something like Photobucket's. 

You're not logging in to Picasa, fwiw. You can fetch anybody's most recent Picasa pictures.

Problem: November 2011:

The symptom is that fetching photos has blank result - no photos. This turns out to be a permissions problem on the Picasa end. Maybe they changed the default, maybe not, I don't know. Log into your Picasa account, and go to:

Picasa Web Albums | Settings | Privacy and Permissions

Down that page in "Creative Commons", change to "Allow reuse with attribution", and the lightboxer starts working again.

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