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If you have a Photobucket account, we have a widget that allows you to drag & drop your pictures directly from Photobucket into your posts.

To enable Photobucket drag&drop:

  1. Go to My Account | Edit tab.
  2. Scroll down to Block Configuration.
  3. Check Photobucket drag&drop.

From then on, the Photobucket widget appears on the left side of your screen whenever you're creating or editing a post. You can disable this feature the same way you turned it on.

Please note that everything in that widget is a conversation directly between you and Photobucket. They require login to your Photobucket account. AerogardenMastery is not involved in that discussion in any way, and does not know / remember your Photobucket login. They do.

To use Photobucket drag&drop:

Talk to the widget - login, find your pictures. Drag the desired pictures directly from the Photobucket widget to the text editor. It then appears as a very small image. For instance, this next picture is the result of simple drag & drop:

Once the picture is in your post, you can select and edit it with the text editor's normal Insert/Edit Image tool. For instance, for the second picture, I dragged the same picture over to the editor, and edited its size, horizontal spacing, and text alignment. The picture is fuzzy because it's a scaled-up version of the thumbnail image.

To turn this into a lightbox, I do the same as for the middle picture, but also fill out the second tab of the Insert/Edit Image. Copy the URL field from the first tab, to the second Link tab. Towards the end of that URL string, you'll see a "th_" prefix on the picture's filename. Delete those three characters - they're what specify the thumbnail instead of the full image. Also on this tab, select Lightbox (step through). Optionally, you can also supply a caption on the first, Image Info tab, and play with alignment, sizing, etc.

The third picture is a lightbox - click it to open the picture in a closeup window. Lightboxes are grouped and arranged on the post via a combination of listing images with spaces between them (or not), the paragraph alignment tool, etc.

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