A pepper growbag

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A pepper growbag

At a garden center yesterday (Shelley's, Branford, CT), I saw the coolest ultimate simple growbox. Apparently they'd taken some leftover habañero pepper 6-packs and just plugged them into 30-quart bags of potting mix, with 7 holes cut into the bag:

Habanero peppers plugged directly into a bag of potting mix.

(Not drawn to scale - the mature pepper plants are bigger than that. Though pretty small - maybe 18"?)

Isn't that cool?  There were a bunch of these just lying around on tables or the ground, growing peppers. Apparently the square hole in the middle is for watering, possibly fertilizing. They used plain Farfard (sp?) potting mix - other nurseries around here do, too. Habañeros are pretty small plants - easily small enough for an Aerogarden Deluxe. Not that I want to eat habañeros.

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