Outdoor Flowers 2011

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Nothing outdoors yet, of course. But revved up the seedling lights this week. Using only 6500K fluorescent tubes this year (past 2 years have been 6500K + 4200K tubes). And my baby pansies just graduated to 6-packs.

3 week pansies transplanted into 6-packs, seedling lights going, all 6500K this year, plus a 1-week vinca in cup 

Three varieties this year - pandora's box, flambe terracotta, and antique shades. I've grown all of them before:

 pandora's box pansies, spring 2010 The pansies that are holding up best get most direct sun. Stunted from last year's geraniums. at least the reddish ones, and some of the blue, are antique shades pansies - 2009

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Groundhog saw his shadow!

Groundhog saw his shadow! Only 2 more weeks of winter! Today it actually warmed up here. 7 foot snowbanks sloughed down to mere 4 foot snowbanks. I'm awfully tired of those snowbanks blocking visibility at every intersection...

Of course, if the groundhog is right, my little pansies are kinda late.

Are you starting any seeds yet, Beth?

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Woo Hoo! Spring must be

Woo Hoo! Spring must be around the corner - Gisette is starting seeds!