older-AG bulbs

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older-AG bulbs

Went to AG to buy some new Pro100 bulbs, and they're out. But it said on the website that the AG6 bulbs work instead for the Classic and Pro100! Not being altogether trusting, and since the free shipping wouldn't register on the website, I called AG customer support.

So yeah - the AG6 2-pack bulbs (aka Deluxe-B) work to not only replace Classic/Pro100 bulbs, but (mostly due to their shape) also give 30% more plant-usable light, to grow better than the original bulbs for the systems. And though the website wouldn't give me free shipping for my over-$25-order , AGCS did. (My minis need bulbs too - the very same bulbs-packaged-for-a-system-I-do-not-own, in fact. ) And not only did that, but since I bought 2 packs, he chopped the price to $14.95/package for me - so, 4 new AG bulbs for $30.

I love AG customer support. I really do. I call them with stupid stuff, where it doesn't seem possible that anyone could 'delight' me. Yet they manage it!

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