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New member and question

Hi everyone, my name is Joel, I live in Cape Town, South Africa and found this site via the ebook Indoor Salad: How to Grow Vegetables Indoors by Ginger Booth. It's exactly the book I've been looking for!

I found an Aerogarden at a second-hand store here in Cape Town - unfortunately the Aerogarden is not generally available here and is difficult, not to mention expensive to import, I'm not sure how the one I found ended up here.

It has no working bulbs or seed pods and these are difficult to get here so it will require some hacking to get it working but hopefully should be fun. I bought some small net pots which I discovered I can cut and reshape to fit the seed pod holes in the aerogarden. 

I've seen on Amazon that you can buy light bulb adapters in order to use normal bulbs rather than the Aerogarden bulbs, which I can't get here. My first question - is there an easy way to tell what model of Aerogarden I have, as there are different adapters for different models, I can't tell which one I need.







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Welcome, Joel! And thank you

Welcome, Joel! And thank you for the kind words about my book.

Sounds like an adventure with your Aerogarden. :) Is there any serial number / info type plaque on there anywhere? Maybe you could post a photo of that, if you can't figure out what it says.

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