New End Game Prequel story

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New End Game Prequel story

Dust of Kansas coverJust fyi, for those who've read End Game, I just released a new prequel short story, Dust of Kansas. I'd love a few reviews from advance readers, so contact me if you'd like a free copy. It's also included in Kindle Unlimited.



The Calm Act is born in the dust of Kansas.

Fort Leavenworth Kansas is home to the elite US Army Command School. Major Emmett MacLaren and his roommates look forward to a placid year pursuing master’s degrees in advanced military planning.

But all is not well in Kansas. A Dust Bowl is brewing to rival the worst hard times of the twentieth century Depression. Rivers and aquifers are running dry. Race riots and refugees fill the news. And Command School is doing something strange this year with its curriculum. Its officer scholars will focus on war-gaming a single scenario, in utter secrecy – the collapse of the United States due to climate change.

Emmett and his roommates are tasked with vetting the Calm Act, a plan to meet the climate change crisis with nation-wide martial law – and worse.

Dust of Kansas is a prequel short story in the Calm Act (End Game) universe. It features military characters from End Game and its sequel, Project Reunion.

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