New Aerogarden!

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New Aerogarden!

Hi All,

Just got a spiffy new LED aerogarden!  I have a couple older models that have been slowly breaking down.  I can't complain - they're 8+ years old and still grow OK.  But man-o-man the new model is nice! Looks so much easier to clean and replace pump. I'm just admiring it right now.  I had to order pods and such to grow my own seeds.  I do like the light it puts out.  I really like the plant keeper better than the old stretchy design.  How do you guys like yours?



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Congrats on the new AG, Beth!

Congrats on the new AG, Beth! smiley I'm fairly happy with my bigger one. I wish the less-deluxe model didn't have an airpump... I prefer the water pump soundscape.

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