MyGreens Light Garden

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MyGreens Light Garden

Gardener's Supply offers a new "MyGreens Light Garden" for $150. One thing I like about their design is 4 trays for succession planting - good idea when growing salad greens. Also somewhat bigger grow area - 24" L x 15-3/4" W x 18-1/2" H. Uses adjustable height T5 bulbs - bit more efficient than CFL's. Uses capillary action mat to feed water so the roots aren't soggy. Probably uses less power than an Aerogarden.

Also suggested for growing herbs - an especially good application for the succession-planting trays. (The main problem with growing herbs and lettuces together is that the herb lifespan is double or more. Way more for perennial herbs like oregano and mints, which are barely getting started by the time lettuces are waning.)

Probably not deep enough / bright enough to grow flowering / fruiting plants.

Looks like a nice little system. I'd love to hear about it, if anyone tries it.

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