My outside garden soil

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My outside garden soil

Hi All,

  It's taken me 10 years, but here is a picture of a handful of my outdoor garden soil. Great stuff.  Unfortunately, I have a pre-existing tomato soil-borne disease (Fusarium oxysporum) in my soil.  Prevents me from growing most heirloom tomatoes.  Everything else grows well. I do have a mole in the garden which is a real nuisance!  Eating all my earthworms!  I garden in 4' X8' raised beds.



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Great soil!  I know what you

Great soil!  I know what you mean.  It took me around a decade as well, to get a nice, organic soil in my garden.  When I started, we didn't have ANY topsoil, let alone organic matter.  It was all subsoil made up of rocks and silt.  It was backbreaking work, and that's after I "cheated" and bought a dump truck worth of compost (it barely made a dent).

I have had raised beds too.  I scaled down the past few years from 6 to just one, due to time/health concerns.  I put hardware cloth on the bottom of my bed, to keep moles and other critters out.

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Nice! I've only gardened here

Nice! I've only gardened here one year so far, and before I moved in... Well, the shrubs were dead and there was still a bucket of concrete from the original builders sunk into the foundation clay between the weeds in the garden.

I have a long haul before any of this soil looks as fertile as yours, Beth!

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