Mushrooms & reusing soil?

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Mushrooms & reusing soil?

Last week, I was trying to remove the dead leaves off the spaghetti squash plants & I accidental took off half of the stems. I thought they would regrow but nope. Today I found limb stems and 1 mushroom each growing beside them. I dug out the roots & mushrooms & I would like to reuse the pot & the soil for some tomato plants. (Seeing as the one I have now only gave me 1 tomato so far. Totally my fault for pruning them). Anyway, what do u guys think? Is it safe to reuse this soil?

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No idea, Jessi. It's possible

No idea, Jessi. It's possible to bake the soil dead, I guess, if you're concerned. But if you're concerned, safer to toss the potting mix and bleach-wash the pot.

And maybe keep the soil a bit less damp next time? Or was it organic potting mix? I've never had a mushroom grow in a flower pot.

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someone? anyone?

someone? anyone?

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