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Kristian (not verified)
I forgot, the noise of the

I forgot, the noise of the fogger is almost 0, it's actually quite hard to know if it's working or not. Maybe one day I'll just see my veg diying because the fogger broke down . I really am so happy about the outcome of the box, I really thought the fogger would made some World War II noise but it didn't.

Wish me luck!

Kristian (not verified)
Peat I bought my stuff from

Peat I bought my stuff from Maplin and, thought you might want to know. And some items from ebay
The only thing I'd like to have is artificial light instead of just natural light. But they said no, and I can't do anything about that..... they pay the bills.

Kristian (not verified)
Hello Peat!!! thank you for

Hello Peat!!! thank you for your guide!!! + Gisette's too! I'm trying to grow Pak Choi. My first try was to put it on rockwool cubes and let it grow for 2  weeks and then put it inside the machine and use neoprene collars to hold the sprout but it failed as the neoprene kind off squished them..... and they died.... So I ordered some hydroton balls and put some rockwool with seed inside, then cover it up with hydroton balls and I only did it yesterday so I'm just about to know what's gonna happen......


On my first try I had rockwool cubes on a tray inside a rubbermaid with the nutes. And they grew from seed to 1 inch seedling in 2 days! It was amazed because the packet said it should be seed to seedling to 9 days if grown in soil.


My timer is at 15 minutes on 45 off as they're only at seed state, I'll be changing it to 15 on 30 off when they're a bit bigger. They're supposed to be 5 minutes on 20 minutes off cycle but I need some fancy timer which cost £50

The fogger is great! It covers the whole box in around 10-20 seconds!!!


Hope my mom doesn't find this thread because she will kill me if she see the price. But I said to my self... I've already bought all of the items and It's too late to stop. But I'm not gonna stop if she tells me to stop anyway