Mini Bell Peppers

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This is my first try growing a fruiting plant in an Aerogarden.

Start Date 2008-08-13
What 1 pod each, yellow and red mini stuffing pepper, and mini red bell pepper, 2 seeds per pod
System Pro100, one culling moved to pot, rest transferred to Deluxe 2008-10-22

 I got these seeds in trade from other Aerogardeners, but they bought them from:

mini red and yellow stuffing peppers : Amishland Seeds
mini red bell peppers : not sure

Harvest total final = 53 (first 3 picked 2008-11-14, about 13 weeks)

mini red bell pepper 25
mini red stuffing pepper 26
mini yellow stuffing pepper - in AG - terminated 2008-11-07 0
mini yellow stuffing pepper in pot - terminated 2008-11-22 2

 End : 2009-01-02. They would have kept going, but I started the tomato / eggplant garden 5 weeks ago, and it really needed the Deluxe lights.

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