Microgreens and Sprouting Seeds

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Microgreens and Sprouting Seeds

Last night, I began researching microgreens and sprouting seeds and I got very excited about it.

This morning, I called a few of the seed stores online for more detailed info and they are telling me (in a very vague, sales pitchy way) that microgreens & sprouting seeds are "special seeds" that are tripled washed and less expensive than regular seeds. I tried to have someone pin down the actual difference between sprouting seeds, seeds for microgreens and regualr seeds in a $1 pack from Walmart and have not been exactly satisfied with the answers.

What do you guys think? Is there a difference between a $1 pack of broccoli seeds, a pack of broccoli sprouting seeds and a pack of broccoli micro green seeds? (Besides the price! )


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Ok so after a long day of

Ok so after a long day of aloooooot of calls, I finally talked to a nice man at Paramount Seeds that told me that seeds used for micro greens are untreated (not treated with any fungicide such as Thyram) and by law if a seed is treated it must be clearly labeled on the package.

He said if it isn't labeled as treated then I could consider it untreated. He also said treated seeds usually will be died red or blue as well. Then I called Burpee Customer Service to ask them if they treat their seeds and they said no. So Yay! Any plant we grow we can eat "early" and have microgreens!*



NOTE: DO NOT eat parsnip, pepper or potato greens!

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I read about that but my

I read about that but my understanding is that with sprout you eat the whole seed with the sprout and the roots. I understand the need for the triple washing of sprout seeds but for micro greens where we only eat the stem & leaves it doesn't seem necessary.

Are there specific seeds that MUST be used to grow micro greens or can I use any seeds?

 For example, I have some left over carrot seeds from planting in a container in my window. Can I plant them in 1in tray of soil and just eat the green leaves when they first appear... as micro greens?

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I recall that there was an

I recall that there was an issue with salmonella and sprouts.  You want to make sure that the seeds were not exposed (guess that was the triple washing thing).  I believe you can rinse the seeds yourself, but I don't recall the process.  Anyone else recall??