Ideas for work ag?

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Ideas for work ag?

Hi All,

  I've got an ag deluxe in work currently growing lettuce (seeded Feb 11, ready for a salad tomorrow!).  I've added a jingle bell pepper (in soil) in the outrider position and have started a florida petite tomato.  Any other suggestions  for my cubie veggie corner?  Maybe a basil?  Did we decide how many plants will survive under the light of an ag?   I'll see if I can remember to bring in my camera for a pix before I clip.


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Congrats on the salad! Is

Congrats on the salad! Is this cut & come again, or terminal harvest?

My outrider positions at the ends of the Pro100 don't get enough light even for lettuce outriders, without the reflective emergency blanket flaps to bring them into the lightspace. The front of the Deluxe gets more light... when the Deluxe lights are down far enough and the Deluxe isn't full of foliage. And I can't drape too much, or it gets too hot / bad air circulation. So... can kind of get 2 ends or one long side, so long as the AG isn't too full. Not a lot of space.

My minis are different - there's a sweet spot in between them, with drapes on the outsides reflecting inward. Can probably grow as much between them as on the ends of the Pro100. (The front of my Pro100 isn't an option - straddles an inner counter corner.)

Impatiens and coleus are shade-loving plants...

Looking forward to the pix!

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