Hi! Aeroponics using fogger?

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Orlando Jude (not verified)
jude you keep putting me

jude you keep putting me down  I guess you didn't actually read what I wrote.  What I said was that I couldn't help you at all!

Please re-read what I wrote before you accuse me of something I didn't do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristian (not verified)
jude you keep putting me down

jude you keep putting me down :( first you said do more research, this is my research. as ive told things around the net is how to grow weed... and you're (all) expirience and you'd (all) be a great source of info. i ment that in a good way :P

and gisette somehow is trying to support me. i think so :D

i guess id be the first one to have an expirience about the fogger. anyway, they say fogger system makes the plant to create more spread out roots instead of just the long one.


if i dont get any reply from maplins id most probably do spray, atleast they got 1 year warranty and the pump got 3

Orlando Jude (not verified)
Ditto everything Gissette

Ditto everything Gissette said.  She's very knowledgeable, listen to her.

My 2 cents:  I don't know how a fogger would work, so I can't actually help you. 

Whatever you do, enjoy the process!

Kristian (not verified)
im having doubts now... im

im having doubts now... im trying to contact maplins about the fogger's warranty like last week and i still dont have any answer. i dont really want to buy it and then after 1 month it's gona go boom :(
im now looking at pumps just for emergency.
will you please point me on the right one 
im actually trying to design my rubbermaid :P
but now that im looking at pumps instead of fogger, things will change. it's as if im back to college xD

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This site has a number of

This site has a number of image things. Attaching an image is one of them. Link from website is the preferred method. (Judith and I put our pictures on Google Picasa - it's free.)

The only timers I personally have are:

a. part of Aerogardens, and

b. a cheap on/off light timer with a power strip plugged into it, to turn a fluorescent light fixture on and off. But they only go on and off once a day. Could probably add more little plastic bits to it to have it turn on and off several times a day - but not at the fine level of detail you describe.

My first Aerogarden minis had internal timers that turned their air pumps on for 20 seconds, off for 40 seconds. This ambient noise inspired me to rip their internal air pumps out by the roots and kill them. AeroGrow also learned their lesson, and Aerogarden 3's now run all the time, not cycling the air pump.

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Kristian (not verified)
here is the video that says 5

here is the video that says 5 sec every 20 minutes. probably on fogger id need 20 seconds for the rubbermaid to be completely fogged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6o5LTl6GJw

 i dont know what the hell to do with the timer :( how do you do yours? maybe atleast 1 minute every 30 minutes? or 1 minute per 15 minutes. tommorow ill be looking at the shops to buy the things i need. the only thing that id be buying in the net is



do you think the vibration would have an affect to the plant? was planning to show my pictures but dont know if this site got an attach image thing or i still have to make a link from website.

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EC = electrical conductivity,

EC = electrical conductivity, a way of measuring concentration of nutrients in solution. There are rather expensive meters to test this. Essentially, how you measure how strong your nutes are.

pH = measure of acidity / alkalinity. You can buy pH test and control kits from General Hydroponics. (Control means, solutions to correct pH up or down if it's outside proper groove.)

The pH of rain water should be pretty close to 7.0 (neutral), with an EC of zero. But then you add nutrients, which drag the pH down and EC up.

There are lots of timer devices you can buy. This story - 5 seconds per 20 minutes - sounds suspicious. It would also require a rather fancy timer. The 1-time-off, 1-time-on per day type timers are a cheap hardware store item.

I don't see why you couldn't use perlite or hydroton instead of rockwool, if you prefer. You might have to start the plants in rockwool and them nestle them in the rocks, though. Maybe not, with perlite.

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Kristian (not verified)
whats EC xD and PH is how

whats EC xD and PH is how hard the water is right? ill be using rain water so i dont really know whats the PH on that. how do i test them anyway? this website seems to be good so id probably finish what ive started. id probably show pictures on how to make my system! hopefully it's going to be good.

i ment moving the old plants to the pot so i can put new one, like tomatoes? when it's superbly huge!

i got some perlite that i use for carnivorous plant, can i use that instead of the rockwool? i was thinking of using hydroton but il be using the 2 inch net pots. I WANNA GROW MANY THINGS!!!

ive been youtubing and i saw this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omwxLUtET8Q and wow it's noisy....  i did put me off a bit. id probably will do more research though... i saw a video saying you have to time your system to be on for 5 seconds every 20 minutes.

how do i time it like that?

Orlando Jude (not verified)
Hello Kristian.  Sounds like

Hello Kristian.  Sounds like you should check out several grow logs here so you'll understand aeroponics and hydroponics.  You could also google each word and research on the net.   Plants grown this way are NOT grown to be transferred.  They are grown from seed to harvest in one container, (not a "pot") with lots of light.  

As for rockwool, yes, you can start and grow your seed in it.  

I STRONGLY suggest that you do more research before you try it.  We have a lot of fun with our plants, but there's a lot to it.  There's the careful application of nutrients, testing EC levels, testing PH levels, and keeping everything in balance. 

I too will be watching to see pictures of your setup.  

Enjoy the whole process!  It's fun!     

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This site isn't limited to

This site isn't limited to aerogardens. I hope to see a picture of your system once it's going! 

Aeroponics is for growing the plant to harvest. If you grow a plant hydroponically or aeroponically until it's big, its root system is unsuited to transfer to soil. It might survive, but it would be a big setback.

I haven't grown in rockwool myself.

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