Help needed on Light-Mover Project *Please*

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Help needed on Light-Mover Project *Please*

 Does anyone fancy helping me build a Light-mover?


I have tried for some time to locate specific product parts to no avail.


What I need is help in locating the T-rail and an appropriate low-voltage motor to move the lights along the T-rail - I'm hoping the combined expertise and resources here might help me achieve my goal.


Essentially, for those that don't know, a Light-mover is a bar that automatically moves a light back and forth along the bar so that the same light covers a greater area; it also helps with minimising light-heat in the one spot as well as eliminating a lot of permanent shadows from a static light.


For starters, I need to locate a T-bar - I have tried metal distributors with no luck and I also need a high torque, low voltage  motor - all products to be based in the UK if possible.


I will put the finished project in my greenhouse in the garden.


Many thanks






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No worries, glad to help. I'm

No worries, glad to help.

I'm not sure what sort of T-bar you require in regards to it's design, do you want it just as a basic T or have some sort of extra motor guide in it - would this one do per chance?


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 Thanks for that, Peat. The

 Thanks for that, Peat.

The idea of making one myself is to avoid the high cost (well, it's high to me) and also to over-engineer the specs (the motor particularly, as I have seen several posts stating that motors have had to be replaced at about 60% of the original cost).

I have everything sorted, from the electrics to the stop-and-reverse, but not the actual T-bar or motor - I'll have a look as you suggest.


As I woke up this morning and thought about this post, it occurred to me how selfish I was to ask for help with nothing in return. To remedy this, should I finish this project I shall put the process here so that others here might do the same thing for themselves - entirely at their own risk, of course! 


Well, thanks to Peat, I found just the motor I think I need. I'll send off for it at the end of the month - and now I shall re-double my efforts to find the T-bar. Thanks you, Peat!


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There are a number of UK

There are a number of UK sites which do the complete kit you're after, I came across one for £155 which included everything you need.

I guess it depends on if you want to get an off-the-shelf unit or create a project to build one yourself.

It's not only the motor you need, a way of controlling it's speed (unless you get a specific, fixed, RPM motor that will accommodate your run), and, reversing the direction of travel once it reaches the end stops is necessary - unless it's a circular route of course...

There are plenty of hi-torque/low RPM motors on the internet, go for a Google on "60rpm high torque motor".

Apologies if you have already considered any of this, I'm just throwing some thoughts out as they come into my head.

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