Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!
Hi All, I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I've been very busy! My aerogarden basil, parsley, jalapenos are doing great. The bell peppers are doing OK in the ag but I think the'd perfer the pump over an airstone. Still setting a few peppers. The emily's garden peppers are unimpressive. Maybe a pepper or two. The plants have fallen over. They may get the ax. I got better yield from the potted pepper plant! My cuc in a bucket has yielded 3 cucs - not impressive. I seeded cucs in pottting mix. Been very mild so far so I still have lettuce outside. Will have a January salad of lettuce, cucs peppers! I'm growing Florida Petite tomatoes in the work ag. Loads of tomatoes on compact plants! Hope the plants don't get too big or ugly.... Take Care- Beth
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Happy New Year, Beth! Great

Happy New Year, Beth! Great to hear about your plants.

Awesome on the wintergarden - though I'm beginning to get concerned about this non-winter we're having...

Ooh, on the Florida petite tomatoes in an AG! Taste good, or can't tell that yet?

I've decided to try Park's Better Bush tomato instead of Jet Star this year for my early indoor/outdoor tomato - start in maybe a month.

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