Grafted tomatoes

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Grafted tomatoes

Hi All,

  So, since I'm on a roll with pix tonite - here's a few more.  I love my heirloom tomatoes, but I have a confirmed case of Fusarium in my soil (actually the whole neighborhood).  So to grow some of my favorites, I need to either grow them in pots, or graft the tops onto hardy, disease resistant rootstock (Maxifort from Johnny's seeds).  Here are a few pix of this year's succesful grafts.  Marianna's Peace x Maxifort and Anna Russian x Maxifort.  Good news is that my favorite tomato Eva Purple Ball and Cherokee Purple are tolerant to the disease.  All Cherry toms do well, too.



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Interesting, Beth. That must

Interesting, Beth. That must be really difficult to do - you're skilled!

There's that dratted engineering mentality again. I'm sitting here wondering why else one might want to graft a tomato like this. I suppose one could make a multi-type tomato vine...

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