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Garden Planning Tool

This thing's fun - at Gardener's Supply:  Kitchen Garden Planner.

It lets you input the dimensions of your own garden, has bunches of plants to drag and drop into the plan, and gives growing hints, when to plant stuff, I think in the order they need to go out.

I'm kinda dubious about their spacings, though, unless you've prepared the bed really, really well. And have lots of plant control devices and perfect trellises for everything, and prune them to death to stay in their appointed squares. My plan for my front 3x11' had a tomato, 2 peppers, 4 melons, 4 cucumbers, basil, dill, and God knows how many pole beans, peas, carrots, and radishes, with half the squares left over for flowers. In practice, well... It's been my experience that that plot just isn't that big.

Interesting tidbit:  they recommend you never fertilize peppers. I wonder why.

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