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 Yeah thanks for the link.
 Yeah thanks for the link.  I've bought from aerogrow but they rarely if ever answer an email and the last time I had a problem with a grow pod?  They acted like they were doing me a favor by replacing it although their website says the pods are guaranteed...  Frankly this is why I've started experimenting with my own stuff to steer away from aerogrow / miracle gro.  I won't even go into how many times I asked about my Ultra units' clock going wonky fast.  I ask a question and I never get an answer.  I think they've gotten too big for their own corporate infrastructure.

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The only organic nutes I've
The only organic nutes I've used are from Urban Farm Fertilizers. (They're good for hydro or in-soil.) They work well, though not better than inorganic nutes. They definitely give that I'm-buying-from-real-people feeling.

I've almost quit using the Flora nutes on greens/herbs projects these days. The one-part Maxi-Gro dry nutes from General Hydroponics work great, less hassle. (Mix them a tiny bit weak - not quite a tsp per gallon, sorta thing.)

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