Extending the height of the lamps

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Key bit of intell:  you can raise the lights higher than the last knob on the pro100 and classic Aerogardens! I needed this trick with the peppers... by 8 weeks, it was cut all buds off again or raise the lights further. Peat provided this link that explains how:


But in practice, for my pro100, it didn't seem to work quite that way. I had been resting the button knob on top of the lamp-arm enclosure (that which has button knob holes up it). I tried the trick in the page above, using a chopstick as a "stopper". But I found that the pushed-up light arm really didn't rest on the chopstick. It more leaned forward, kinda balanced. And that gave me another 1.5 inches height or so. Still haven't found a "stopper" that would go as high as that article.

Because at this point I gave up and ordered a Deluxe Aerogarden, and the plants (bowl and grow surface and all) moved into their new home. And I put the new Deluxe bowl and growsurface into the Pro100.

But the Deluxe isn't terribly much taller than the Pro100 thus jacked up.

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