Dryer heat recycler

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Dryer heat recycler

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Just installed a niftycheap new energy saver. Well, it was news to me, anyway. A cheap plastic shunt gizmo that inserts into your electric clothes dryer venting tube. In winter, shunt the hot moist air into the house. In summer, send it out the vent. There is a lint trap - a knee-high stocking in my case. (Hey, it was a $5.75 device. ) Tool-challenged as I am, still installed this in under 10 minutes - a half hour if you count hunting down close-enough tools. (Jewelry wire cutters... must have little screws around here somewhere... type of thing.)

Not OK with a gas dryer - the exhaust contains carbon monoxide. But with an electric dryer, it's just hot air, moisture, and lint.

Learned about this from an Allstate commercial watching Flashforward episodes on abc.com. They're getting clever at online commercials. The L'Oreal ones weren't bad either, but Allstate's "we're all looking for ways to save money these days" series is more interesting to me than cosmetics.

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