Does misting help?

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Does misting help?

After great growth under those clip-on transparent grow domes, I removed a dome from one from my seedling tomatoes yesterday because they were getting too big and outgrowing the dome.

However this morning the leaves are drying up.

The humidity in the house is quite low, 24% right now - it seems to vary between 20 - 30%.  Typical dry winter air.  My sinuses and throat are definitely feeling it - I even got a nosebleed a few days ago.

Would misting the plants using a spray bottle help?

How about a humidifier?  Unfortunately I only have one humidifier and I need it in the bedroom, but I could use it beside the garden during the day and move it to the bedroom at night.

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Couldn't hurt, it seems.

Couldn't hurt, it seems.  Agree about the winter air and its impact on the sinuses!

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