Crying uncle and building an ark

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Crying uncle and building an ark
Hi All, We're squeezed between two tropical storms. Have recorded over 10" of rain in the past two days with non-stop thunder and lightning. Pup is freaked out and wonders why we are allowing this light and noise in the sky. Had to wait for a break in the rain at 2:30 am just to take her out to do her business! Massive flooding in the area, but we're ok for now. Time to build an ark and float downstream. The outside garden has been flooded (a river runs thru it) for two days! Argh... Beth
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Hang in there, Beth! The sun

Hang in there, Beth! The sun finally came out again today up here - we only got a few inches of rain this time around, knock on wood...

We've had rough winters and rough summers for two years straight now. Can hardly wait to see what this winter brings...

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