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Cool New Feature @

Noticed a cool new website feature at Burpee - you input your zip code, and they give you a chart of the time range to plant something. Like, I asked about carrots, Peat. According to them, direct sow anytime March 21 - July 1. So you're right, I was a bit early.

Of the other stuff I planted this weekend, they say sugar snap peas March 7 - May 1, chinese cabbage Mar 7 - Apr 7, spinach Mar 15 - May 21, chard Apr 1 - Jun 15 (I started those indoors). So most of it should work.

Definitely an improvement over the bemusing instructions "early spring, as soon as soil can be worked". (Because it's... not frozen? Not running mud? Spring, as in after March 21?)

FWIW, they say avg. last frost here is about April 15. Conventional wisdom is that after Mother's Day (May 10, ish) is "safe" for anything tender.

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