Commercial Seed Success

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Commercial Seed Success
This garden is approximately 10 weeks old. It includes tomato and pepper plants... Micro Tom Tomato (front), Teacup Red Tomato (left rear), Redskin Pepper (right rear). Seeds were purchased from Hirt's Gardens online store. Pods were re-used. Only one seed planted per pod. Grown with liquid nutrients. Peppers grew best. Teacups and Redskin peppers continue to produce.
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Yummy looking stuff you got
Yummy looking stuff you got there! Using a cup to support the tomatoes was a fantastic idea! I have to remember that when I get my bigger Aerogarden (I have a 3-pod).
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Hi Seaside, Good looking
Hi Seaside, Good looking garden you have there! Did you really harvest in 10 weeks? Beth





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Welcome, Seaside! Those are

Welcome, Seaside! Those are awesome!

How do they taste?

Wait - you've actually harvested peppers in 10 weeks? And tomatoes... wow! My peppers seem to take forever.

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