The 'Classic' Laid Bare!

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The 'Classic' Laid Bare!

Want to know what's inside your Classic...?

Here is the main underside of this model, the power supply is on the left and the main processor board is at the bottom. The contacts for the pump sit at the top.

The Power Supply
The transformer, which steps down the main ac voltage, sits in the middle. On the right is a blue box, this is the relay which controls the switching of the bulbs. Further to the right is a fuse, interesting if your AG does not work - it could be this. The water pump connects to the small white connector to the left of the blue relay, this is turned on/off by the black box (another relay) which sits to the left of the transfromer. Moving further to the left is some circuitry which regulates the voltage (changing it from ac to dc), which is fed to the main processor board - this connects to the white connector on the far left. The connector also feeds control signals from the main processor board which switch both relays on/off as required. There is also another fuse tucked away at the front left of the transformer. The little black chip at the front left is what is know as a bridge rectifier - this is what changes the ac (alternating current) signal into dc (direct current). We need to do this as the circuitry in the AG uses dc, in common with most systems.

Main Processor Board
The main processing, timing, switching of the water pump, lights etc is done by the large black chip. It's what is known as a micro-controller. There is not much else of particular note on this board apart from something called a reed switch...

Reed Switch
The small glass unit at the front is called a reed switch - this is what detects your water level in the AG. The reed switch is a sealed glass cylinder with two strips of metal leaves sealed inside, nearly touching but not quite. When the water level drops in the AG a small magnetic float (contained in the fill here column in the bowl), moves lower in the water. When the magnet reaches the reed switch it casues both metal leaves to close and make contact. This signals to the micro-controller that your water level is low and will then turn on the low water level light on the front panel.

So, that's basically it. Not much to look at but, hopefully, it will give you some insight into the workings.

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Thank you!!! I added a page

Thank you!!! I added a page in the "Aerogarden Lore - Hardware" pointing here. (That way I could rate it 5 stars and everything. )

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