Chrome kludge

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Chrome kludge
Corinne told me now Chrome won't let her post. ??? Last time it was Firefox... I don't have time to debug this during the work week this week. But I found a quick a workaround, that only allows you to post text, if you have this problem. Of course, you could use also use Firefox. But using Chrome, what you do is:

- click on your name-link, or "My Account" on the top nav bar
- in your account, click the "Edit" tab (top right of the white area"
- scroll down to "Rich Text Editor settings", and choose "disabled"
- scroll to bottom and Save.

I edited something at this point. But what's really wild is, that then I turned my rich text editor back on

And now here I am, in Chrome, editing with the rich text editor... So perhaps that fixed something...

Sorry about the hassle.
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