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Hey everyone, new to the site and very grateful for this resource. Was wondering if the aerogarden grow bulbs (two-pin type) can be replaced with some kind of non-proprietary bulbs that you know of, and also if its really nessisary to change them out every six months for non-fruiting plants (eg herbs).

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Hi Opac, Howdy! I haven't
Hi Opac, Howdy! I haven't found an alternate source of light bulbs, but I go a year before replacing. I find that is a good interval for me! Thanks, Beth





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Hi,Opac, welcome! I don't

Hi,Opac, welcome!

I don't know of any non-proprietary bulbs that will fit the Aerogarden hoods, sorry. I certainly don't change them every six months, for growing greens. They will grow better with fresh bulbs, but it's not strictly necessary.

As you say, though, the fruiting plants need all the light they can get. New bulbs, or some other extra source of light, make a big difference there. "Some other source of light" includes sun, of course, or a light with full-spectrum or daylight bulb, or fluorescent with a ~6500 A wavelength.

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