Bonide 543 blossom set

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Bonide 543 blossom set
 Hello everyone,
Have you ever used Bonide 543 blossom set?
If yes, would you recommend it in case of slow growth, very few flowers in tomatoes and drop of buds in peppers. Is it safe?
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Hi, Arian. I've tried blossom
Hi, Arian. I've tried blossom set spray (not sure what brand - can't find it at the moment). I'm not convinced it did much, so the effect is subtle, if any. It won't increase the number of flowers. And although a couple more peppers might "take", it's very rare for a pepper to turn every flower into a fruit. They flower at every leaf branching, and can only bear so many fruit.

In general, I get more fruit set from looking to how to make the plant happier. A bit of redder light (4100K or 2700K CFL) encourages flowers, if the basic plant is well.

The blossom set spray seems safe enough.

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