Air bubbler

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Air bubbler

I added an air bubbler to my garden.  I have 1 sprout in 4 days.  I am looking for feedback on the bubbler.  I would like to hear from some of the more experienced gardeners their thoughts.  

Thank you for your time.


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while the dribbling water

while the dribbling water supply of the aerogardens does a pretty good job of aerating the water, like you, I wanted more.  The first year we just put in an airstone and pump and it worked ... but after a while I began to think it was over aerating and oxodizing nutrients.  Only a hunch, but I had read on other forums people using big systems thought this too.   So I got an interval timer to switch on the air pump or 5 minutes every 20 minutes.  This is what I got ( the link is Amazon Canada)

It works like a charm.