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AGs WebSite

I go online daily and one stop is always the AG site. To see any new NEWS or added content. I've come to the conclusion that there Web Master has been asleep at the computer. As far as the Items for sale it's lacking quite a bit. There print Catalog they send with orders has I quess three to four times the items for sale. The website has a link that states "Shop the complete store" what a joke that is. Here we are half way thru January and the website is still what it was two months ago. Still at Holiday20..I for one would rather buy online then fill out order forms and mail them. If the AG CEO reads this ...get your employees in gear.. your Online catalog stinks Now that  I got that off my chest. Happy New Year to all

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Happy new year, Bill.

smiley Happy new year, Bill.

Sad to hear their website isn't maintained.

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