Aerogarden Mid-Sized Tomato

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This grow parallels an in-soil under-CFL grow of the same tomato variety, grown same time. I do not believe this variety can produce in simply a tall Aerogarden. I intend to add external lights, and other tricks.


18 - first May 3rd, terminated October 20 due to broken stem (flopped during cleaning)

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Grow begins! Started Park's

Grow begins! Started Park's Better Bush tomatoes (2) in a Park Starts block on an Aerogarden deck, to age 1.5 weeks. One moved to soil, the other to my (sort of) Aerogarden Deluxe. This isn't really an Aerogarden anymore... The base died. So, using its bowl with an external air pump, and lights plugged in with an external power cord.


General Hydroponics Flora nutes, 0.8 EC, and 2 Deluxe bulbs. (I yanked one bulb for now - even two is serious overkill for a seedling...) I think these are 27W bulbs at 4200K light temperature.

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