Aerogarden Lightscreen Cherry Tomato 2013

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 Le gasp. *Gisette* is trying a cherry tomato in an Aerogarden. Took me long enough, huh?  I want to show how the lightscreen works on a cherry tomato, since that's what most people have experience with. And a steadier, modest harvest would be nice. Full size tomatoes take an awfully long time per fruit.

Candidate: Sweet baby girl hybrid cherry tomato, compact indeterminate. Two weeks old before installing in Aerogarden, while I finished up the previous mid-size determinate tomato test. (There was also a mid-size indeterminate grow before that - all testing the lightscreen design.)

I hope the fungus is cleaned off well enough. But picked a hybrid with high resistance to blights, just in case...

Aerogrow's mega cherry kit uses two plants. I'm unconvinced there's room for two, but we'll see how they grow.

Edit, 20130611: Just to clarify, because I received the question on another forum - I grew these plants from seed in a Park Starts block. I didn't buy transplants, I grew them in AG-compatible sponges, then just plugged them into the Aerogarden.

The CropLampSurround lightscreen (with beefsteak and cherry tomato seeds) is available for sale at This isn't an independent review - I'm the one who created the lightscreen product. This is one of my test grows.

125 (first at age 12.5 weeks) - terminated at age 16 weeks - had another project I wanted the rig for

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Happy seedlings. On track for

Happy seedlings. On track for first pruning by next week, and admirably compact. The slower start outside the Aerogarden doesn't seem to have held them back much.


Does anyone know why it's specifically the fifth branch you're supposed to prune on an AG tomato? With two plants, and based on previous experience with compact indeterminate tomatoes, was thinking of clipping the 6th branch instead. Dunno. Should probably just stick with the tried and true, I guess...

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