AERO NASDAQ delisting-Notice of Delisting. Failure to Satisfy a Continue Listing

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They got a delist notice for

They got a delist notice for share price below $1 last year but nothing's happened even though it's in the 20¢ range. Failure to pay fees is a whole 'nother thing, ya' gotta pay the piper. They filed another 8-K last month giving bonuses to executives if AG is acquired for more than $2 million so it looks like they're shopping for a buyer. The next 10-Q will be interesting but it would be a crying shame to see such an innovative company go under or the name changed for chump change.

It's so sad, they have fantastic people working for them and their customer service is beyond reproach but they got caught up in the financial crisis. Makes a great lesson in how to get ahead doesn't it?.... Invent something innovative, get the patents to cover it, surround yourself with top drawer people, work your butt off and get cut off at the knees. I'm glad I'm an old retired phart.